Blog: Dave LeggettMG Rover in Slovakia

Dave Leggett | 7 October 2003

Is MG Rover now looking at starting a manufacturing operation in Slovakia rather than (not likely to be in addition to) Poland? A Slovak minister has been telling the local media that MG Rover is interested in considering a plant in the eastern part of the country. It sounds plausible. MG Rover must be getting frustrated with the seemingly interminable and complex negotiations involving creditors and the Polish government to get something going with a revamped Daewoo-FSO Motor Polska.

Alternative strategies for central Europe must be being considered, even if the official position is that the Daewoo-FSO negotiations continue. Quite possibly, the Slovaks have gone public earlier than MG Rover would have liked and maybe they are hyping it as part of their play with Hyundai. But it would be nice to think that someone inside MG Rover's PR department - or higher - would see fit to have a discreet word and fill us in on a few things from time to time. We're trying to get clarification on the Slovakia story and will let you know what turns up. As things stand, newspaper readers in Slovakia apparently knew about this latest twist in MG Rover's central European strategy before we did. That's certainly not ideal I feel.


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