Blog: Dave LeggettMG Rover and SAIC

Dave Leggett | 7 February 2005

I see MG Rover's 'deal' with SAIC is making the news again. Things look far from clear, but the prospect of substantial job losses at Longbridge is being talked about once more. Unappealing though that sounds, the deal with SAIC may be the best hope for Rover now that other options (eg Tata) have been scuppered. If SAIC goes pear-shaped the future really will look very bleak indeed. I still say the 75 ain't a bad car for the money (nearly new rather than new; depreciation is horrendous) and I thought Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was a tad out of order when he referred to the 75 as a 'terrible car' on Top Gear recently. Bit unfair that.


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