Blog: Dave LeggettMG at Longbridge

Dave Leggett | 29 May 2007

There is quite a fanfare going on at Longbridge today over the restart of MG production there. A few question-marks remain. How many MG TFs will be produced - what's the plan anyway? How will they be priced and positioned in the market (we're talking about a vehicle that is very long in the tooth and wasn't selling too well before it finished two years ago...)? And hasn't it gone quiet on plans to assemble MGs - possibly to include a coupe version - in the US (the grand Oklahoma letter of intent)?  

Post script: just spoke to deputy editor Graeme Roberts who went along to today's Longbridge shindig. He tells me it was rather an excrutiating event and that the NAC people were so evasive it was ridiculous. 

UK: MG production re-starts in September or October

UK: NAC trumpets return of MG assembly at Longbridge


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