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Dave Leggett | 3 June 2004

I was out in the West End of London last night with colleague Richard ‘Jacko’ Jackson (Aroq’s marketing director) and just-auto contributor Tony Pugliese. Tony writes on Asia for us and is based in Jakarta. He comes over to Europe every once in a while to catch up with friends, family, business contacts and…me.

My recollection of the evening starts to get a little hazy after several 'frozen margaritas' in a Mexican restaurant. Reminded me of that strange concoction known as a ‘slush puppy’. Not altogether pleasant, but I managed to get them down. And then we made the mistake of ordering some bottles of Mexican beer – Corona I think it was. Insipid. We were okay when we got back on to the ‘reassuringly expensive’ (great advertising tagline – maybe some car companies would like to try it..) Stella Artois on draught, but I do need neurofen for my head this morning.

Mr Pugliese was in fine fettle and is still enjoying the expat lifestyle in Asia. He definitely has a strong preference for living in relatively low-key and unspoilt Jakarta over, say, Bangkok – where he had temporarily moved to recently. He’s back to Asia next week and is working on a feature for us on Tata. The feature will have a commercial vehicle emphasis – he’s been doing quite a bit on trucks lately (Tata, you may recall, recently acquired Daewoo Heavy Trucks).

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