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Dave Leggett | 1 September 2010

I am not alone in the just-auto/Aroq office in being fascinated by the often bizarre and eyebrow raising things that go on in the world of football (soccer if you're American) - on and off the pitch. 

And the crazy world of the high-end footballer never ceases to amaze. Whether its mysteriously crashing your Ferrari (Mr C Ronaldo), getting lairy for the paparazzi outside a London nightclub at 2am (too many takers to mention though Ledley King springs to mind), these young guys with their wealth and adulation give us something to talk about even before they kick a ball.

Product and brand endorsements? I guess a certain David Beckham provides the model to follow. Designer brand associations are the holy grail. Get a few of them and more will come a knockin' - but don't overdo it in developing your prestige personal brand over a number of years.

I have just come across something a little incongruous while on Chery Auto's website. I remember seeing something about FIFA World Player of the Year Llionel Messi during the World Cup. Oh yes, he's a brand ambassador for Chery Auto. I'm not having a pop but it's not exactly Porsche or Bentley is it? I would guess he might attract some training ground banter with that particular brand endorsement.

Messi, who once represented Adidas, Pepsi and other world-famous brands, chose Chery, the release says, because of its 'huge brand potential and unlimited development prospect'. Messi said that he was lucky to be the ambassador of Chery and he was much honoured that Chery named its T-series engine which used many world leading technologies as "Messi Engine."

Woah - so there is even a Chery engine named after him! Even the Beckham brand has not managed that one, as far as I know. I just hope Mr Messi drives a Chery - an electric QQ perhaps, please let it be so - to the Nou Camp on match days and tells his curious team mates as he parks it up that a) it is the future, China is becoming a force in the auto industry don't you know, and b) it's a lot cheaper to run and kinder to the environment than their blingy gas guzzlers.

Chery Auto release on Messi as brand ambassador


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