Blog: Dave LeggettMerger of egos..

Dave Leggett | 3 June 2003

There must be some lawyers who are enjoying the Kerkorian versus DaimlerChrysler proceedings - but it all seems far from clear cut, still. Does it really matter any more? I'm not sure about the answer to that one. One thing's for sure though: there are some major league egos involved. It has been put to me that Kerkorian got hosed on his shares after the creation of DC and has simply never been able to stand the loss of influence he used to have at Chrysler in the Iacocca days. He wouldn't let it lie. And Mr Schrempp? He's no shrinking violet either and the whole acrimony is sometimes described as a clash of egos. Big picture - the Chrysler unit is getting into better shape financially anyway and DC's operating units seem to be gradually getting closer together.

Have you heard that old joke that did the rounds a few years ago? Q. How do they pronounce 'DaimlerChrysler' in Stuttgart? A. 'Daimler'; the 'Chrysler' is silent.


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