Blog: Dave LeggettMercedes-Benz Vaneo

Dave Leggett | 30 April 2003

I don't recall seeing a Mercedes-Benz Vaneo on the road, ever. Wonder how it's selling? An outright light commercial van off the A-class platform I could cope with. The three pointed star has long been a favourite of commercial vehicle operators. But Benz didn't produce an A-class based panel van with a cargo bay for commercial applications. Instead, we have a separate passenger variant (window van) on the A-class platform that is clearly more utilitarian than an A-class but almost as pricey. Going for the Renault Kangoo/Citroen Berlingo market? But not at those prices surely. Looks like a big mistake to me. I can't see the extra volume on the platform covering the model development costs. Reminds me of the utterly unappealing (except as a hotel courtesy bus) Vito-based V-class MPV. Sometimes you need to be very careful about car-van spin-offs off the same platform. The sharing game doesn't always work. And that Vaneo name must be a joke surely.


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