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Dave Leggett | 30 July 2003

CNN have been in touch wanting me to talk about the VW Beetle legacy for their international audience. I'd love to do it, but I have to be in their central London studio pronto and simple logistics rule it out. Pity these guys cannot give more notice, but it usually seems to be this way. I must admit to getting a bit of a buzz doing these things. Live is more fun than pre-recorded. When you know you have to get it right first time, it really makes you focus. And you normally come out with the right thing. But pre-recorded means you know you can say, 'Oh, can we do it again?'. The more times you try to perfect an answer to a question and the more points you try to include, the more difficult it gets as your brain trys to process additional info. It's a real skill that is fun to develop. Like most things in life, the guys who make it look easy (and no, that's not me) are carrying off something that's actually pretty difficult.


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