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Dave Leggett | 27 April 2007

Did you know that China is set to overtake the United States as the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases as early as this year, according to a recently revised forecast by the International Energy Agency? I'm registered with McKinsey for their McKinsey Quarterly articles and there's an interesting one just published that attempts to quantify greenhouse gas abatement measures.

The good news is that there appears to be plenty of 'low hanging fruit' in doing things that come under the broad heading 'energy efficiency' - better buildings insulation, greater transportation efficiency (especially in commercial vehicles). And forestry measures - avoiding deforestation and implementing reforestation - looks pretty significant. The bad news: a big chunk of the low-cost abatement measures lies in developing countries and there's a political problem there.

In terms of low-cost abatement (up to €40 a ton) it's interesting to note that according to this analysis, transportation offers about 10% of the potential reduction by 2030. Forestry is 25%.

(You may have to register with McKinsey to see the full article via the below link.)

McKinsey article


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