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Dave Leggett | 21 July 2004

We’ve just published an interesting feature from just-auto’s Indian correspondents, Deepesh Rathore and Tilak Swarup, which takes a look at the history and market positioning of the Maruti 800 in India. Whether or not to drop it must create a bit of debate over there, but it is still selling well – even if it is starting to lose out to its newer sibling the Alto in the wedding ‘gifting’ market. And it must be dirt cheap to make, costs amortised a long time ago and therefore still profitable. As is pointed out in the article, it’s hard to drop a car that is selling at 10,000 units a month in India and is only just being squeezed off top spot by the Alto. But it must be getting to the point where any investment to keep it up there longer term – eg in the powertrain department – looks questionable. Another three years ahead, perhaps, for ‘India’s Beetle’ before the coup de grace is finally administered. All good things come to an end. 

'India's Beetle'


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