Blog: Dave LeggettMartin Leach for Fiat?

Dave Leggett | 13 August 2003

Looks like Martin Leach, who unexpectedly left his post as Ford Europe COO this week, could be heading for Fiat Auto according to reports in the Italian press. The collision course within Ford that he seemed to be on with Mark Fields is thus avoided. Leach's experience at Ford Europe could stand him in very good stead for the Fiat Auto CEO position, which looks like being vacated by Giancarlo Boschetti next year. I would guess that Mr Leach has something in mind for his next career step, although a non-compete clause in his Ford contract may delay his switch to another car company for a little while. But was he pushed out of Ford (as a result of Ford Europe's disappointing results lately) or did he jump (possibly seeing the writing on the wall)?


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