Blog: Dave LeggettMartin Leach at LDV

Dave Leggett | 1 August 2006

I see Martin Leach has teamed up with his old INDEGO mate Steve Young at LDV under its new Russian owners, GAZ. He certainly has an interesting past does our Martin. I’ve met the bloke before – at a conference, where he was speaking, back in his short-lived Maserati days – and at least he hung around for a few drinks afterwards. Seemed a decent enough guy, happy to chat to journalists. Ditto Steve Young, who took me through the INDEGO presentation at AT Kearney's London offices.

I wish them the very best of luck with their LDV project. They must be brimming with ideas if that INDEGO work is anything to go by. I wonder if working with GAZ will give them the opportunity to put any of it into practice? I wouldn't mind betting that there is a bigger agenda for the duo than sorting out international (as well as domestic) markets for the Maxus freight van and adding production in Russia. It is perhaps worth noting that GAZ makes a car (Volga) as well as commercial vehicles...

UK: Leach and Young join LDV under new owner GAZ


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