Blog: Dave LeggettMarket feedback at design stage

Dave Leggett | 13 November 2009

I came across an interesting exercise by Audi earlier. It tapped into its facebook community for thoughts on the design of cars being produced as part of a competition. Apparently, the feedback from people who cared about the brand enough to be a part of the Audi Facebook community was pretty useful. I know it was only a competition, but is this a precursor to something like that maybe happening on real designs? Who's going to be first? It is probably something that you would want to manage very, very carefully though (how many BMW owners back in 2001 would have given Bangle the thumbs-up for the 'Bangle-butt' on the new 7? - some designers may not be too keen on this sort of thing).

One other thought - this design competition thing that the LA Show organisers do ahead of the show is a shrewd move. I can recall past competitions; there is usually something to grab media attention because brands like Audi sense a fairly easy PR opportunity and a way to deliver some creative fun for young turks in the design department.

It also pretty effectively lets people know that the show is coming in a way that no number of email mailshots can. Would the LA Show organisers now like to email me concerning my complimentary flight (from London) and lodging arrangements - thanks.

US: Audi utilises social media for LA design competition


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