Blog: Dave LeggettMargus in Tallinn

Dave Leggett | 17 May 2007

I'm looking at a postcard of Tallinn (Estonia's capital city for those of you who get confused by Eurovision - just how many countries are there in Europe now? Kosovo next to become a nation-state?) and thinking that it looks like a nice place to visit.

The postcard has come from a motoring journalist based there - Margus Hans Kuuse. He's basically saying thanks after I did him a small favour (and isn't it rare these days that people say thanks with a small gesture like that? - and it's all the more appreciated).

He's one of those characters who you just have to admire. He was doing his best to write about cars and publish stuff in the days of the Soviet Union and he was an early contributor to Autocar when the Cold War finished. From past correspondence I recall that he's got some major league publishing projects on the go (encyclopedia-type material) and if you want to know detail about the Soviet era auto industry behind the Iron Curtain, I strongly suspect he's your man. He is still in touch about just-auto's East European coverage from time to time.

Anyway, best wishes to you Margus!


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