Blog: Dave LeggettMaking an MPV look sexy

Dave Leggett | 3 February 2004

SEAT is coming up with some good designs for its models these days and the upcoming Altea MSV - 'Multi Sports Vehicle' - looks like another good example. SEAT claims it marries innovative styling and sporty driving characteristics to compact mono-space values. It certainly looks strikingly different to the vehicles in its class in Europe. A sexy looking MPV - maybe that's not an oxymoron after all.

It is also the first SEAT vehicle to be completely developed within Volkswagen's Audi Brand Group since it was established in 2002. SEAT used to have a pretty frumpy product portfolio, but some progress is certainly being made towards the objective of making the brand evocative of 'southern European flair' and perceived a little like Alfa Romeo. Cars like the Leon Cupra look the part and have performance to match at a very competitive price. And SEAT concepts have been show highlights for a few years now. Let's just quietly forget the flimsy Fiat Panda copy called the Marbella...

Walter de’Silva, SEAT’s Design Director, deserves some credit for the transformation I feel. And the production model Altea debuts at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

One unusual design detail - where are the windscreen wipers? Hidden away against the A-pillars, that's where.


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