Blog: Dave LeggettMake mine a large JD

Dave Leggett | 28 March 2003

Jack Daniels? No, Jeff Daniels, but he's also a large JD. And a thoroughly pleasant chap who's been there, done that. Jeff's one of those people who knows a lot but can impart his wisdom in a manner that doesn't leave you feeling two inches high. I've been looking through the transmissions report that he's just done for just-auto with a view to pulling out a feature for the site next week. Interesting to see Torotrak in the news today (licensing their IVT technology to a Japanese tractor manufacturer), but, as Jeff notes in his report, they really do need the breakthrough from a big producer prepared to invest in IVT for volume production - and they may not get it. Someone out there prepared to go for 'first-mover' advantage? Ford?


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