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Dave Leggett | 28 June 2003

Is there anything as frustrating as searching back issues of a magazine looking for an article, not being able to find it and then realising that you have misplaced a few issues - so it's probably in one of the missing ones that could be anywhere? I wish more car magazines would put their content online and available for subscribers to search. Why a big publisher like Emap (British publisher of Car) does not do it I don't know. Haymarket is as bad (Autocar). I'd willingly pay a small premium even, on top of the print subscription, to be able to access content online and I'm sure plenty of people would feel the same way. And then there are all the other possibilities that arise from having an online element to the magazine - honestly guys, it makes sense. And it wouldn't detract from the print side - the production values in Car are superb. But a searchable archive online would really make me a happy bunny.


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