Blog: Dave LeggettMadrid bombings

Dave Leggett | 15 March 2004

In this column early last week I wrote something about security worries in Turkey – in the context of a possible visit to that country, which is very much a happening place in auto industry terms. Those concerns seemed to pale into insignificance against the scale of the train bombings in Madrid just a few days later. An appalling act - I think we all struggle to find the appropriate adjectives to express our feelings about such things. And this isn't the place for a general rail against the fanatics who commit such atrocities, of course.

I do just want to make two points though. One: the news of Spain's general election results this morning is a little troubling - the bombers have apparently influenced the outcome of the election there. The twisted minds that have such disregard for human life may gain strength from that. Two: where exactly is safe these days? Yes, last week I was wondering how safe Turkey is. I wouldn't have given a trip to Madrid a second thought though. I guess we just have to get on with our lives and accept that these things can happen almost anywhere, anytime. Grim thought and probably one not to dwell on.  


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