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Dave Leggett | 18 June 2007

I see Lewis Hamilton has got another F1 GP win under his belt yesterday. The dynamic between the two drivers in the McClaren team must be just a little ticklish. Going into this season Alonso must have thought, not unreasonably, that things were nicely set up for him with the move to McClaren: good team, good car and a rookie driving partner who would keep the pressure off.

'I am two times F1 champion and the Top Dog here.'

But it hasn't quite worked out as he would have liked. And then Dr Paranoia apparently went to work if his recent outburst in the press about favouritism has been fairly reported.

I spoke to a journalist at the Guardian newspaper last week about Lewis Hamilton's hometown. The resultant piece is an interesting one I think, part motorsport, part biog, part social history, social issues...  

Made in Stevenage


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