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Dave Leggett | 13 November 2006

Towards the end of last week I spotted a press release in my Inbox headed 'Car dealer shames UK motor industry'. A header like that got my attention. Basically, there's an online contract-hire specialist who goes by the name of Ling Valentine (she's a Chinese immigrant to the UK) and works out of her sitting room somewhere in the northeast of England. The press release concerns her publication of official green ratings for cars, something that she claims enable car-to-car comparisons that the industry is loathe to support (bit of a shame the link to that data doesn't seem to be working though).

Leaving aside that particular question, a look around Ling's website was most entertaining. She has some pretty forthright views and a unique style of presentation. Not quite yer average contract-hire website. Free noodles for lunch anyone?

Ling's cars


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