Blog: Dave LeggettMad bluster in Korea

Dave Leggett | 10 April 2013

The situation on the Korean peninsula is odd, to say the least. There's a bizarre military regime/dictatorship in North Korea that is making scary - at face value, anyway - threats against its perceived enemies, South Korea and the US. The South Koreans seem to be, mainly, shrugging their shoulders as if to say 'this is bluster and we've heard it all before'. The North, some analysts say, is sabre rattling now for domestic reasons and to secure concessions in future negotiations with the international community. That's been a pattern in the past. Maybe, but what if this latest episode is different and not just bluster? Or, as some are cautioning, if there is a miscalculation of some sort?

The reporting of this ongoing news story seems to occasionally move out of 'mad Korean warmongering again' oddity territory to something a little more serious. In the serious vein, GM's Akerson has pointed out that his company is looking at contingency plans. I guess it has to. If something terrible happens or appears imminent, a 'plan' of some sort has to be in place. Hopefully, the whole thing will defuse as has happened in the past and GM can file that contingency plan away again, for now at least. 

I recall a meeting with South Korean car company executives I had many years ago in Seoul. What about prospects for a Germany style reunification of North and South Korea? I asked. It's a very different situation, they said, and would be a pretty big headache for South Korea. There was not much appetite for it.  

US: GM's Akerson talks of Korea 'contingency plans'


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