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Dave Leggett | 25 February 2008

On one level there is a refreshing honesty about Bob Lutz's 'crock of shit' comments concerning global warming. We don't have the full text of what he said and the context but it sounds like he decided to give a robust opinion in the heat of the moment. He was being honest and is apparently standing by what he said. Bravo for that. 

But the the context and actual meaning of what he said is important. The meaning of what he said may have been that Green posturing is like pissing in the wind. Experts such as Professor James Lovelock have said as much in relation to Western initiatives that play around at the edges of a problem that has its roots in the rapid industrialisation of countries like China and India. That would be a fair point, in my view, backed up by evidence on the scale of the problem (but it doesn't mean that we should just give up trying to reduce energy consumption either - there is an example to set, at the very least).

If he said he doesn't believe global warming is happening, that seems more problematic. Trouble is, it seems to reflect what is increasingly a minority view among scientists. Unless he has some additional scientific insight, he's way out of step with the current scientific consensus.

He has a point when he says that his personal opinions are separate from what GM is all about, but he is GM's product chief and the remarks, as reported, lend themselves to the interpretation that deep down he may be unsympathetic to environmentally friendly initiatives in the product sphere. (Mind you, he's made it clear before that he buys into the energy security justification for greater energy efficiency.) 

If you are paid by the state as a hangman maybe you can, similarly, state that your own opinions won't interfere with your job. Maybe you don't believe in capital punishment. In that case though, it would be a rather strange career choice wouldn't it? 

US: GM's Lutz defends global warming 'crock' remarks


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