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Dave Leggett | 11 October 2006

We've just published Karl Ludvigsen's latest column and he's got an interesting suggestion for Ford and GM in Europe: combine operations. I can't see either wanting to go down that road while both can claim that their European ops are doing alright, but Karl has an intriguing take on things (below link).

While we're on the subject of consolidation, I just wonder whether DamilerChrysler selling Chrysler to Renault-Nissan might be an outside bet.

DC has stridently maintained that Chrysler is not for sale and it would be one heck of an admission of corporate failure to go down that route. But I don't imagine there would be too many tears shed in Stuttgart. Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler aren't too far glued together.

I don't actually see DC breaking up, but in today's automotive world thinking the unthinkable seems to be in fashion, with very few sacred cows left anywhere you look.

Come to think of it, Renault had a hand in the Cherokee's development before it sold a controlling stake in AMC to Chrysler in the 1980s. The Renault-AMC alliance was not a good one, however.

LUDVIGSEN'S COLUMN: The American challenge — this time it’s real


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