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Dave Leggett | 5 July 2007

Interesting piece from Karl Ludvigsen published today on just-auto looking at Porsche, Piëch and Volkswagen. It's a very good summary of the politics of what's been going on. Does the great man himself (Ferdy that is, not Karl) have a well developed sense of humour? Perhaps he's not all that ready to laugh at himself. His lawyers must be laughing though - all the way to the bank. Here's an extract from Karl's article:

"Ferdinand Piëch was not best pleased by a profile in Manager Magazin in October of 2005 that said he wore ‘garish ties with hunting scenes’ and also stated that he didn’t know how many children he had. ‘Around a dozen,’ he said in answer to a question. ‘I don’t know exactly.’ Not accustomed to Piëch’s desert-dry wit, the reporter took this literally.

"Early in 2006 Piëch took the magazine to court over its statements. The tie in question, said his lawyer, depicted hunters and elephants against a yellow background. The court in Düsseldorf agreed that since the elephants could be seen to be equipped with goods carriers they could not be the object of a hunt because working elephants are not hunted. The court also concluded that ‘Mr. Piëch knows how many children he has’ — twelve, to be exact."



LUDVIGSEN’S COLUMN: Porsche, Piëch and Volkswagen in the 21st Century


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