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Dave Leggett | 11 September 2006

I've a long drive up to Norwich (nice sunny day for it though) this afternoon ahead of an Institution of Mechanical Engineers conference (on niche vehicles) being hosted by Lotus. I've a speaking slot myself ('overview'). Afterwards, there's a tour of the factory, which should be good.

On a related note, I had lunch with the global marketing director of a Tier 1 last week and it transpired that the fellow has an Elise to play with at the weekends. He recounted how he'd snapped the wiper stalk with his knee when getting out of the car (easily done - last time I got out of a Lotus I was pretty ungainly on all fours).

By official channels, he was looking at a big bill to get it replaced. But Lotus cars employ bits and pieces from parts bins all over the place and he knew the wiper stalk was Opel Corsa. He then found one on ebay for less than a couple of quid and eventually fitted it himself in five mins. Nice story.


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