Blog: Dave LeggettLost plot on Saab

Dave Leggett | 13 April 2004

It looks as if more cost-cutting is on the way for GM in Europe - Lutz hinted as much recently. One thing that strikes me as a little sad is the state of Saab these days. It was as long ago as 1990 that GM ostensibly made its intentions clear when it took a big equity stake. And then what? Nothing happened. Saab persevered with an ancient two-line product portfolio for a very long time before the 900 was finally renewed and taken off a circa-1980s platform just a few years ago. Morale must have suffered over the period too, as new ideas - like an Astra-based premium Saab small car - failed to get approved. What does the Saab brand mean today? Something a little 'quirky' perhaps, but it wouldn't be seen by many as modern and dynamic. And now Saab is not making enough cars to be profitable and it is heavily into rebadging territory with the 9-2 and more. Caddys are even likely to be made at Trollhattan to take up manufacturing capacity slack. It must also be tough for Saab to get a good hearing in asking for more resources within GM. Sad.


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