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Dave Leggett | 26 April 2005

There are reports in the UK press about Iranian interest in some of the Longbridge assets. The idea that Longbridge could continue production of kits for shipment to and assembly in Iran always sounded a little far-fetched to me and the Iranian embassy here has now put the dampeners on that scenario. But maybe the Iranians would want Rover production lines and technology for manufacture in Iran. It would certainly be ironic if they ended up with some Longbridge lines and in an intellectual property dispute with SAIC (which paid for the rights to the 25, 45 and 75 at the end of last year at the princely sum of £67 million). It would perhaps be akin to giving the Chinese a taste of their own medicine and the Iranians could always change the model names. 'Say hello to the new SAIPA Roover 250..'


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