Blog: Dave LeggettLondon taxis bite back

Dave Leggett | 19 September 2008

If you are well-heeled enough to be able to afford to take a London 'black cab' perhaps try to stay a little bit more alert if you are in a TX4 (one of the more modern ones). You might have to dive out sharpish.

Five hundred black cabs have been taken off London's roads after an eighth taxi burst into flames in just three months. They're not flaring up quickly, apparently, and no-one has been injured.

TX4-type cabs with a 56 registration (relating to when it was first registered, 56 is Sept '06-March '07) must pass a safety inspection by manufacturers LTI before being allowed back on the road.

So, that's okay then.

Well, probably. But the manufacturer is still not sure what's actually causing the fires and what if some later models are capable of catching but it's yet to show up? Two expert independent fire investigators and engineering company Ricardo have been contracted to help pinpoint the cause.

I guess if you are unlucky enough to be in one that blows, the cabbie might at least waive the fare. Me? When in London, I prefer to get around via a combination of the 'Tube' (London Underground) and Shanks's Pony (ie walking). And any driving is strictly for the weekends when the Congestion Charge isn't in force.


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