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Dave Leggett | 21 July 2008

We have got a motor show on in London this week and it even looks like the weather is finally looking up here.

Is the London event a biggie? It's sizeable but no, it's not up there with the big shows and is still to become properly established in the automakers' diaries. A number of them are absent and I guess the current economic backdrop doesn't augur particularly well for consumer visits.

But this is only the second London show since moving the event from Birmingham. The first one could be claimed by the organisers to have been a modest success.

It will certainly be interesting to see how busy the show is this time around and see how much media coverage is generated. The London event perhaps needs more time to become established and generate a clear position in terms of the benefits it can bring to consumers and exhibitors alike.

I can see why people question the point of a motor show in the UK. We don't have the large immediate base of local indigenous volume producers that Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Detroit have. And Geneva is an established European 'neutral'.

But the UK is a major European market for vehicles and it's an international meeting place for OEMs wanting to supply Europe. There is plenty of automobile manufacture going on here and much more besides in terms of the supplier industry and high value engineering services.

Britain matters to the auto industry. And London isn't a bad place to spend some time is it? Just give it time.

Tomorrow is press day.

I've got an interview slot tomorrow with Bob Lutz among others. What's he doing here? Maybe it's an indication of just how important that Insignia launch is for GM. And maybe a few days in London in July didn't sound like an altogether unpalatable prospect either. If he sticks around later this week he can even catch Alice Cooper at the Arena which is hosting a number of rock concerts in the evenings to coincide with the motor show. 

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