Blog: Dave LeggettLogging off

Dave Leggett | 30 October 2003

How long do you take to unwind? Do we ever truly switch off? One thing I've learnt over the years is that the important thing in life is balance. Too much work and the inability to think about anything else is unhealthy - and can be selfish too. I've a long weekend ahead of me - Disneyland Paris with the kids beckons, crossing that rather important bit of water called the English Channel via the super-efficient Eurotunnel (great service and you can't get sea-sick). Just hope I don't get lost on the other side as I don't hold with newfangled things like sat-nav. Guess I just follow the Mickey Mouse ears on the road signs. Whatever you're up to this weekend, do have a good one. Right that's it. I've finished. Feet up time. Switch to holiday mode. Just one more look at my e-mail and one more call to make, then I'm really done.


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