Blog: Dave LeggettLocally-made BMW?

Dave Leggett | 13 May 2003

Just seen this on the AP wire. Sounds a little bit grim:

Minister trapped in car

Thailand's finance minister had to be rescued from his car after the electrics broke down trapping him inside. Suchart Jaovisidha and his driver were trapped for 10 minutes in the BMW.

The minister was on his way to address a meeting of central bank officials from 17 countries.The doors locked and the windows wouldn't roll down so the pair waved at passers-by to get their attention.

A guard at a nearby building saw what happened and came to their rescue with a sledgehammer, breaking a window. Suchart then climbed out of the car. Mr Jaovisidha said: "It was pretty bad because nothing worked, everything was locked. We couldn't breathe because there was no air."


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