Blog: Dave LeggettLMC Seminar – London and Frankfurt, May 15/16

Dave Leggett | 23 April 2013

There's an opportunity to hear from analysts at LMC Automotive on developments in the global automotive market coming up in London and Frankfurt.

There are a series of specialist presentations from the analysts at LMC Automotive and the event is compacted into morning sessions on May 15 (London) and duplicated on May 16 (Frankfurt). I went to the London session last year and I am planning to be there again this year. Whether you want to hear more on China (John Zeng's presentation last year was rich on detail) or the crisis in Europe (Jonathon Poskitt on the market, Arthur Maher on the implications for production), it should be time well spent. There are some very familiar names and faces for me in the programme – people I have known, in some cases, for decades. And Justin Cox, another familiar name to me (GKN, Johnson Controls) will be making his LMC analyst conference debut. 

Details of the event at the below link.

LMCA 2013 Light Vehicle Seminar


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