Blog: Glenn BrooksLive at Frankfurt: Day 1

Glenn Brooks | 13 September 2011

The halls here at the Frankfurt Messe are starting to fill up and the temperature is rising. This show, which is infamous for its ability to enervate and cripple in equal measure (someone died here of heatstroke a few years back) is, over and above the hassles, always one of the most dazzling on the international circuit. Drink plenty of water and wear comfy shoes are the golden rules for working at and even enjoying this event's two press days.

Alas, there has already been one casualty at the 2011 event: after it entered the stage not quite quick enough, an electric door accidentally came down on the SEAT IBL at last night's VW Group preview extravaganza, damaging the rear end of the vehicle. Frantic calls to Barcelona, paint flown in during the wee small hours, some delicate panelbeating, and a press conference delayed by one hour are the result. It will be impressive indeed if the IBL concept is readied in time for its curtain call at SEAT's scheduled press conference later.

I'm heading off to interview Ford of Britain's new MD, so more show news snippets this afternoon, if not before.


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