Blog: Glenn BrooksLive at Frankfurt: Day 1 (5)

Glenn Brooks | 13 September 2011

As the time spent walking between halls can be long, I saw relatively few car unveilings today and indeed, the only time I was able to spend gazing at vehicles was walking past them on my way to the next interview. That will be rectified tomorrow (Wednesday).

I didn't manage to see how that SEAT concept, the IBL, which was accidentally harmed last night, turned out for its moment under the spotlights this afternoon. What I did learn, from having just examined the vehicle's dimensions, is that the IBL is likely to be a rebodied Passat.

A wheelbase will more often than not will give you a huge hint about platform commonality so I had a double check of PLDB, just-auto's global current and future model database. Guess what? At 2,710mm (according to SEAT), that's identical to the Passat. Pehaps Volkswagen is planning to give SEAT the outgoing model to rebody? It would make sense: a new Exeo [the current one is a lightly restyled previous generation Audi A4 with a newer dashboard - ed] is due in early 2013, while Europe's Passat, if it sticks to the usual seven-year lifecycle, is up for replacement during the second half of 2012.


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