Blog: Glenn BrooksLive at Frankfurt: Day 1 (3)

Glenn Brooks | 13 September 2011

The rain has stopped, the humidity and heat are on the rise. The floodlights on the Fiat stand seemed particularly baking but thankfully a nearby air conditioned room beckoned. This was an interview with Mike Manley, the president and CEO of Jeep division, accompanied by Joe Veltri, who heads up Jeep Europe and is VP of product planning for Chrysler too.

When pressed on the forthcoming C-SUV project (one vehicle to replace the Compass and Patriot), the Jeep execs stated that Chrysler and Fiat's position is now that the build location is being looked at again. It did seem odd when Fiat announced some time back that this model will be made only in Italy, alongside an SUV for Alfa Romeo.

And what of the rumoured small Jeep, the so-called 'B-SUV'? Mike Manley was playing his cards close to his chest but I would be surprised if we didn't see such a model to come. The transcript of that interview will feature on just-auto next week. I saw the Maserati Kubang, the new SUV, on my way out but will have to call back later and have a proper look. Off now to interview Opel's Alain Visser.



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