Blog: Dave LeggettLithium ion batteries

Dave Leggett | 15 November 2007

The big issue with plug-in electric cars is the batteries and outrunning their inherent drawbacks in performance on automotive applications. The cost of the lithium ion batteries being developed for next generation electric cars is coming down rapidly and the batteries are gradually getting better in terms of their performance.

They are basically the same as the batteries in your laptop or cell phone - imagine a shedload of them spliced together (the Tesla electric sportscar's battery pack consists of no fewer than 6,831 lithium ion cells). 

But the batteries are still expensive and there are still some questionmarks on their technical capabilities. As a consumer you might not want to be an early adopter on technology which is progressively getting better and cheaper. The idea of buying the car and leasing the battery sounds creative and might be the way to overcome initial doubts in the market.

EXCLUSIVE: GM could lease batteries on plug-ins due 2010


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