Blog: Simon WarburtonLion of Vienna passes

Simon Warburton | 21 January 2011

Chatting to Vauxhall managing director Duncan Aldred, whose "monumental" sponsorship of all four UK home nations football teams is reputed to be worth around GBP100m (US$159m), the chief revealed he was a Bolton fan.

"My team is Bolton and I grew up there," he said, while echoing the perennial hope of all football fans and why the sport will always have willing, if ultimately frustrated supporters. "It would be good to think we could get into Europe," he added.

Well, Bolton are having something of a stellar season this year and if they do find themselves at the top table of European football, they could well dedicate the achievement to one Nat Lofthouse who sadly passed away this week.

Lofthouse OBE - the 'Lion of Vienna' - was a colossus of the Bolton and English game and a far cry from the pampered millionaires of today.

Here's one quote from current Bolton manager Owen Coyle that seems to sum the man up: "It was never about Nat and always about Bolton Wanderers," he said.


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