Blog: Glenn BrooksLifan starts making cars in Iraq

Glenn Brooks | 9 June 2011

Lifan 620s await their bumpers

Lifan 620s await their bumpers

It's rare that I read about a new vehicle assembly enterprise in Iraq so I wanted to pass this on. According to, which I must also thank for allowing me to use its* image of the Lifan assembly line, the Chinese two-wheeler specialist has started knocked-down assembly. The project is said to be in partnership with a firm called Zamazam Spring.

Back home in China, Lifan is set for a busy remainder of 2011. Production of multiple new models is due to start in the coming months. Vehicles such as the 220, a Toyota Aygo lookalike; the 420, a Chery Tiggo rival; and the 720, which is meant to be an Accord-challenger, are all due to start coming down the line at the firm's main plant in Chongqing commencing in July-November. We might well see the 220 at least turning up at that Iraqi 'plant' (too strong a term given the picture?) in 2012 too.

*as the photo is on multiple other sites, its provenance is perhaps uncertain




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