Blog: Dave Leggett'Lexus Cash'

Dave Leggett | 1 June 2007

Car brands and their image is an interesting one isn't it? Sometimes they like to play with stuff that is a little 'edgy'. Associations with so-called gangsta rap, lazy money earnt from drug-dealing, pimping and the whole bling culture thing spring to mind. The connections aren't explicit, heaven forbid, but it might breathe a little life into a brand - or create a sub-brand around a particular model.

It perhaps helps to yield a little 'brand stretch' and you can imagine the brand manager giving a smile of quiet satisfaction. A pimped up Caddy Escalade might be cited as a case in point. And Tony Soprano drives one. It's a bit edgy. Not for tree huggers.

Which brings me to something in the Detroit Free Press concerning Lexus. There's apparently a porno website produced in Detroit with a star character called 'Lexus Cash'. Mr Cash claims to be an amateur who 'started making home videos of my girlfriends fooling around'. I think we get the picture. But is the attendant publicity from the legal action taken out by Toyota all a bad thing for the brand?

Toyota sues porn Web site over use of Lexus name


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