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Dave Leggett | 9 February 2005

An agreeable few hours were spent yesterday evening with PSA's corporate London office people and fellow media representatives. Jon Goodman seems to be a reasonably switched on chap who has amassed some pretty wide experience within the PSA organisation prior to taking his new job. Thankfully, the lights were not dimmed for a heavy powerpoint slide presentation - he just kept it to a few simple remarks by way of introducing himself to the press. That's a good and auspicious start. And he dealt well with the persistent teasing from one or two colleagues on the thorny old subject of Ryton (PSA's UK assembly plant - makes the Peugeot 206) and its future.

Eventually people drifted off and we were down to the hard core party animals. Myself, Mark Bursa (freelance) and Rebecca Wright (Global Insight) decided that as we were in the Natwest Tower, it might be a good idea to try the bar on the top floor (the 42nd). Eventually, we worked out how to get the correct lift to the appropriately named 'Vertigo' bar. There were indeed some great views over the city to be had from up there. The downside: they had no beer (yes really, a bar without beer!), a pricey wine list and the cheapest drinks were £10 cocktails. I guess they prefer to maintain some exclusivity up there. I sipped a distinctly unsatisfactory  cocktail drink that looked and tasted like fizzy Ribena. But it was definitely worth one round of drinks for the view (below picture was taken with the camera on my phone, looking down from where I was sat - grainy but gives you an idea of the height). We then legged it to a pub that sold beer, of course.


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