Blog: Dave LeggettLetter from Port Elizabeth (South Africa)

Dave Leggett | 4 May 2004

I've just had breakfast on a sunny terrace overlooking a sparkling and very blue Indian Ocean. In the middle distance, the dolphins were putting on a bit of a show, which was nice. If you have to speak at a conference, this isn't a bad one to bag.

I am still recovering from the journey out though. Aircraft seats aren't the most comfortable of places to sleep. The actor Richard E Grant (Withnail and I) was in the row in front of me. How noble of him to be in steerage (okay, BA's 'World Traveller Plus' - gets you a bit more space) I thought. But the BA stewardesses, besides themselves with admiration for the fellow, managed to get him one of the 'beds' at the front of the 'plane. No such luck for me.

Today I'll be going down to the conference centre and spending some time with the organisers. The conference starts proper tomorrow although there are cocktails tonight. They've got rugby star Francois Pienaar as a guest speaker at dinner - should be a refreshing change from the auto industry speakers. I had chicken livers with spicy peri-peri sauce for dinner last night - went down a treat.


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