Blog: Dave LeggettLetter from Detroit

Dave Leggett | 14 June 2004

I’m sending this from the good offices of Ducker research in Bloomfield Hills on Telegraph road, on the edge of the Detroit metropolitan area, where one-time j-a eastern Europe contributor Ryan Tutak is now employed as an autos analyst.

Good to catch up with Ryan and once again, I cannot believe just how incestuous the world of automotive industry publishing/research/journalism is.

Mr Tutak is on good form and not missing Hungary too much yet. Later on today I’m seeing Paul ‘The Car Connection’ Eisenstein. We’ve met before but it’s been a while. Just hope I can find his home/office okay. He’s given me very full directions, but I am quite capable of making a hash of things.

But once you get the main drags fixed in your head, Detroit’s grid layout makes things fairly easy, although I find the tailgaiting I seem to attract on the urban highways such as I-75, a little intimidating.

Ford have given me a nice car for use while here. It’s a Taurus in three-litre V6, SEL spec. Perfectly comfortable. Tomorrow I’m at Ford for most of the day – presentation in the morning, Scheele in the afternoon and then it's journalist/publisher Paul Lienert for dinner.

Right now it’s almost time for lunch. Incidentally, the football yesterday at the Spectadium sports bar in Troy was much enjoyed until the last five minutes. There was a good turnout of English expats with a sprinkling of other football-following nationalities in the bar too.

I got chatting to an Argentine guy who was very friendly but – unsurprisingly perhaps – supporting France. He was one of a handful to leave the bar happy into the pouring rain (humid, stormy weather here right now). But the fat lady ain't singing yet and England are still in the tournament.


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