Blog: Dave LeggettLet's here it for 'Bibendum'

Dave Leggett | 28 April 2003

I get a lot of press releases and PR material in the post, much of which is not terribly relevant to the august work of just-auto and is therefore destined for 'FIB' treatment (File-In-Bin). That's also true of something I have had in the post today from Michelin telling me that their famous maps are getting some kind of makeover soon. But the sight of the smiling, evergreen 'Bibendum' (aka 'Michelin Man') always cheers me up, even on a rainy Monday morning - and judging by the reaction in the office, I'm not alone in being a Bibendum admirer. The chubby guy's got serious staying power. By the way, Michelin has got a very useful travel site worth knowing about:


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