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Dave Leggett | 7 January 2009

The news bulletins today have a couple of headlines in them that I seem to have heard before. It's a case of 'here we go again'. Without wishing to trivialise what I know is a very serious subject, the latest military skirmish taking place in the Middle East is one example. That whole underlying conflict just seems to rumble along with occasional flare-ups, little real prospect of lasting resolution (and 'envoy' Tony Blair doesn't seem to have made a big impact does he?).

I feel sorry for the vast majority of the people who live there - on both sides of the divide - who just want some stability and the chance to live decent lives without feeling threatened. Tragic.

Less tragic is Russia and the Ukraine having an argument over the price of natural gas that is spilling over to impact other countries in Europe. Deja vu again. It's not clear to me what the underlying politics of that one are, but if an old lady in Budapest is having trouble keeping warm in her flat this winter, that surely cannot be right.

And it looks like there is also an impact on industry. Mind you, car plants in Central Europe that have to trim output right now due to an energy shortage might not be too troubled. There's probably a fair bit of inventory out the back.   

Conflict resolution is frequently not a piece of cake, but I read something earlier that made me smile. I should warn you, we're about to go a little off-piste...and land on the oche.

Now, let me just say that I have been known to throw darts in a pub and I must also admit I find the professional 'sport' of arrow throwing in Britain a bit captivating for all sorts of reasons. It's something else; the practitioners are obviously real pedigree athletes with finely honed skills. Darwinian. There's also the rapid-fire mental gymnastics going on ('it's a three dart checkout if he goes treble 18, treble 17, bull!'). And the fans are pretty passionate, too. 

Look, we're all the same deep down, much more in common with each other than we realise etc (actually, that's something you appreciate if you travel around in the auto industry). People, please stop the endless arguing/fighting. Why not just have a good game of darts and sort yourselves out...

British darts official speaking to a reporter: "..we had Persian TV visiting, because Iran is a real growth area, with 500,000 members in the Iranian darts federation.

"They've latched on to the fact that darts can bring different people together in peace. Instead of sitting down and debating things, they should have a game of darts."

If only, if only.

Link to full article about, ahem, the glorious sport of darts.

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