Blog: Dave LeggettLet the belt out a notch

Dave Leggett | 22 September 2005

Dinner last night at the BMW Annual Press Dinner was not exactly fast food. There were no fewer than six courses to get through (I did my level best to get it down). There were a few people to catch-up with and a few brief speeches to listen to. No disrespect to the BMW people (Michael Ganal, BMW board member responsible for sales and marketing, was over) but there was nothing particularly earth shattering in what was said (BMW Group volume heading comfortably towards 1.3 million units this year; Mini 200,000 units).

BMW, in case you didn’t know, has added Mini and various BMW niche models such as the 1 Series to yield a sizeable incremental Group volume gain. Yep, it’s a company doing well. Treading water on profits in the current environment isn't doing too bad, either.

But BMW GB head Jim O’Donnell did rail against the high cost of doing business in London and especially the impact of the Congestion Charge on BMW, also predicting that if things carry on as they are, there will be no independent retailers left in London by the time of the 2012 London Olympics. Easy tiger. Well, he is Scottish. 

Grub was very good. And Lord Strathcarron’s jokes weren’t too bad either. I hope I'm half as sprightly at eighty-one years of age.


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