Blog: Simon WarburtonLearning to ride the Prancing Horse

Simon Warburton | 24 August 2010

It seems Ferrari has had a spate of incidents with its rather swift 458 Italia brand.

Three fires - plus one unfortunate incident when a 458 was involved in a London Heathrow storage blaze - have got the good folk at Ferrari scratching their heads.

There have also been a reported number of accidents - although that is maybe more common than thought with new supercars - this is a very fast motor car and anyone not experienced at handling it might well have a few teething problems.

Interestingly, Ferrari often runs courses at several sites around the world to teach new customers just how to handle models such as the 599 GTO.

Anyone considering parting with what is a fair amount of cash for a Ferrari, might well give some thought to going on one.


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