Blog: Dave LeggettLeach to Ferrari?

Dave Leggett | 24 February 2004

Could Martin Leach be on for a move to Ferrari as CEO? It is an interesting scenario. It gets him into Fiat and Leach's background makes him a decent fit for the role of Ferrari CEO. And once he is in the fold, who knows what could come next? Fiat would be crazy not to tap into his knowledge and experience in a wider sense and that's where it gets very interesting. Herbert Demel is off to a good start at Fiat Auto and he has hit a favourable wind. The talk is of turnaround and the success of new models like the Panda. He's also appointing new people who ought to be natural allies, building a power base. But if Leach does go to Ferrari, his relationship with Demel becomes potentially politically charged I think. If that favourable wind becomes a doldrum in say three years' time, some shareholders may want Leach in a senior role at Fiat Auto. Is Giuseppe Morchio already thinking about possible scenarios that far ahead? Maybe it is at least a card worth having up his sleeve?

Leach to Ferrari?


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