Blog: Dave LeggettLDV's new van

Dave Leggett | 27 January 2005

This new LDV van has lots of history. Designed by UK-based design engineers IAD in the late 1990s when Daewoo owned it, it was planned for production in Poland by Daewoo, but Daewoo Motor went bust first so it was effectively shelved. Then small UK independent LDV bought the tooling from Daewoo’s creditors and then had to spend some time getting the production line sorted. Finally, it’s here. Good luck to them. Postman Pat can finally replace his sturdy but creaking Freight Rover Sherpa descendants. (For those that don't know, the Royal Mail - the British postal service - has been a major customer of LDV and its previous incarnations such as being part of British Leyland, since the beginning of time.)

The fact that LDV has survived with its existing product lines is little short of miraculous. This new van means that while they are still not quite up there with the big boys in European light commercial vehicles, at least the gap is no longer a yawning chasm. As I say, good luck to them.


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