Blog: Dave Leggett'Lazy Susan'

Dave Leggett | 13 September 2004

Lazy Susan? You know, the raised circular tray that spins around the table in a restaurant enabling everyone to get access to multiple offerings without having to get up out of their seat. It would be chaotic otherwise, so it suits a big group arranged on a large circular table, probably eating Asian cuisine that comes with lots of dishes. Where did that 'Lazy Susan' term originate? Was the inventor a woman called Susan who was, well, lazy? What prompted these thoughts was the news that Honda's 2005 Odyssey has an underfloor Lazy Susan storage compartment.

We've an article from John Rettie looking at minivans in general and the latest Odyssey in particular. He also put the voice activation system in the Odyssey to the test. John's actually a Brit based in California and it got confused with his English accent. Which brings me to another Monday morning idle thought: how are these voice activation systems going to cope in Britain? We have an awful lot of accents here on this crowded little island. Maybe you'll have to select an accent option. That could be fun. I can see the English dialect/accent options now: BBC received, Estuary, Cockney, Mockney, Yokel, Wurzel, Welsh, Midlands, Stoke, Manc, Cheshire, Scouse, Yorkie, Geordie, Glaswegian, Borders, Scottish gentry, Ulster, Irish, Working-class, toffee-nosed, luvvy...


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