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Dave Leggett | 25 June 2004

The nation of England is in a kind of mourning today. The England football team have exited a major football tournament, Euro 2004, after losing to host nation Portugal on penalties (for those that don’t know, that’s a tie-breaker) yet again. And there was a baffling refereeing decision near the end of normal time to disallow a goal that would have won it for England. But the Portuguese deserved to win, playing a much more positive game and enjoying a lot of possession. England’s coach Sven apparently outwitted, tactically, by Scolari yet again.

It’s disappointing to every red blooded Englander of course, but I have to admit to seeing the funny side today - although I couldn’t last night. To read the newspapers here, you’d think a national disaster had taken place and that the world is against us. The search for excuses (as well as scapegoats) for the defeat and the outpouring of collective grief over the outcome of a game of football cracks me up every time. It is only a game people.   

And there are definitely some positives to come out of it, from an England perspective. The England supporters behaved well for one. There was no jeering of the Portuguese national anthem last night and no major rioting (just a little disturbance after the game in, of all places, Jersey). And young Wayne Rooney looks like a huge English talent for the future. He’s a national hero at the moment. If he’d stayed on yesterday, maybe things would have been different (the usual ifs and buts). Another positive: his name lends itself to ridiculously easy chanting by the fans (‘Rooooooney’) and he looks like Popeye. His name is also a gift to the headline writers at the newspapers who so love to dream up amusing little puns. My favourite today is on the front page of The Sun (‘In Roo-ins’).

So come on. No more wailing and gnashing of teeth. Revel in the rollercoaster ride. Let’s have a laugh.

Anyway, I couldn’t resist a quick vent in here.

The Bosch people yesterday were a nice bunch by the way. I hope I didn’t send too many to sleep straight after lunch. Questions after my presentation suggested that some of it had stimulated some thoughts, which was good to hear. And the fact that I had been at Ford last week was good timing, as Ford business was a major theme for their meeting. Which reminds me, I’ve a Nick Scheele interview to finish writing up. It should be live on the site soonish. Thank crunchy it’s Friday, but I’ve a list of things to do today as long as your arm.

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